Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Eduardo Lujan photographed by Mecos Films Estudio (and Xtreme)

These photographs were taken a few years ago by the filmmakers in DF who go by the collective name of Mecos, which is a Spanish word for ejaculate or, more appropriately our slang term, cum; then there's also spunk.  In their film Seleccion Mexicana 2 Eduardo has top billing under the name of Erikk.

Recently I stumbled upon a very recent, very good, portrait photo of him by these same filmmakers, which I hope indicates another appearance by him in one of their (very rough) films.  Eduardo makes his living as an escort, which makes sense, given his elven or feline good looks, muscular yet slender form, and sizable, well shaped cock.  Unfortunately, he was very severely circumcised.  (It’s almost painful to look at it.  Whoever did it really got carried away with their gruesome job.)  I’ve posted the photos above because I haven’t seen them posted on the various tumblr and blogger amateur porn sites aside from Mecos Films, and I think he deserves to be seen in better photos than the ones he uses to advertise his escort services.  I'm afraid that in his most frequently posted picture his facial features appear airbrushed; and he's in no need of airbrushing.


In case one doesn't recognize the dick, the video above shows Eduardo's right hand coaxing his python into spitting his spunk at his open left hand.  Think of it as an act of mercy.

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