Thursday, November 13, 2014

El Narciso Gay del DF

I've been admiring this young man from Mexico City for several years now, amassing a sizable collection of his inventive yet repetitive self portraits.  For a long time he used a remote control device to shoot his pictures, using diaphanous drapes and snake-like murals to isolate and support the beauty of his form.  He also made considerable use of temporary tattoos, perhaps done with stencils and henna, in the Indian manner.

About a year ago he appears to have moved to that other Mexican Capitol, the one devoted to youthful Narcissism, Cancun, Quintana Roo; and it seems to have led him to spend too much time in the gym and on the beach.  He now tends to sport more designer underwear in his pictures, a sad commercialisation of his self image in an apparent bid to play the professional model.  

 He remains an exceptionally handsome young man, handsome of face, of torso, of limbs, and of cock and balls.  His dick is very large and well shaped, beginning a little thin near the base and then turning quite thick a quarter of the way up and ending in a plump head encased in a generous foreskin. 

Eduardo likes to tie it off from time to time, not that he needs to, but it seems that he enjoys the threat of castration, the fantasy of someone wanting to take it as a trophy.  It is important not to confuse this fantastic desire with a genuine need to be castrated.  It is simply a matter of this very healthy young man's masochism coming into play, and I adore it.

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