Friday, November 21, 2014

Marcos by BiLatinMen, Augustine by LatinBoyz, Carlos by UomoTV and Roberto by MiamiBoyz

These pictures are from a few different photo sets put out by BiLatinMen many years ago; and I’m pretty sure that they (or perhaps one should say he) was republishing work by some South American associates, probably Brazilian, so I’m not exactly sure who deserves the photographer’s credit in the present instance.  In any case this model is given the name of Marcos for most of these pictures, though he has gone by many other names as well.  It all depended on which studio was buying or selling his rather remarkable and marketable images.  As best I can figure out, he’s Brazilian, though I initially assumed that he was Peruvian.  Whichever his true home may be, the viewer is encouraged to picture him as an inhabitant of the Amazonian Interior.


Below one can see photographs of him published by UomoTV, Miami Boyz, Latin Boyz, Amazon Boy, and very likely a few others whose logos escape me at present.  The photos vary  in quality, but not all that much.  It helps having a model as perfectly handsome as this fellow, whether his name is Augustine, Lorenzo, Roberto, Carlos, Ernesto, or Marcos, as he is above.




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  1. I see you love him a lot. Yes, one of the nicest guy I've ever worked with.