Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Last Year's Christmas

Though I was raised as a Christian, I have no belief in the Teachings of that Faith
(Ironically, my Mother, whom I'm presently visiting, has Faith for a Christian Name)
and yet, I take some Pride in celebrating the Present Holiday and for very Good Reasons.
Far from what the Christians have tried to make of it, this so called Christmas remains Pagan,
In Spirit and in Origins, as Winter Solstice, Saturnalia and Yule, and older Names long lost;
So that the Puritanical Followers of the Fictional Jesus often tried to ban its Celebration.
Now that they find they can't get rid of it, they try to turn it into something it never was.

Still, some of the old Christian Christmas Hymns have lovely Melodies, are prettily worded,
and remind of my Childhood of Choir Rehearsals, Caroling, Wassailing, and Church Pagaents:
Social Memories that I continue to  hold as valid Models for present and future Interactions.

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