Friday, December 19, 2014

Niece and Nephews

Elijah, Noah and Cheyenne at Blackledge Falls, April 2006

These photographs record an excursion to Blackledge Falls in Glastonbury, Connecticut, by my sister, her two younger sons, our niece and myself, eight and a half years ago.  It was especially pleasant for Cheyenne (my brother’s daughter) to have the chance to wander in a forest, as she was rarely allowed out of the house by her mother in Florida (supposedly on account of the girl’s severely limited vision,) from whence she was visiting.  The boys, having grown up in the area were more accustomed to such hikes.  Since it was a particularly damp afternoon, the ledge was especially black that day and the lichen, moss and spring shoots were vibrant green.  In the foreground of the next to last picture down can be seen a tree that was felled by beaver who had a nearby pond.

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