Sunday, May 10, 2015

Eduardo Cortes, Duque de Blangis

Naked Self Portraits, Eduardo Blangis Cortes, 2011-2014

Since Duke Blangis (as he chose to be known in his most recent virtual incarnation) no longer has a blog (at least as far as I am able to ascertain) I can only hope that he doesn’t mind my reposting a small sample of his last posted self portraits.  He will be greatly missed, not only by me (I feel sure, and I have seen ample evidence of his being admired by others,) for his unabashed enjoyment of his well kept body and his willingness to share that rare enjoyment with others less spectacularly endowed.  I also hope that he will make some kind of return to this arena, for his absence will be sorely felt (and as a healer he should sense this and wish to ease our pain.) 



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