Monday, May 18, 2015

Lynch's Twin Peaks

Fire Walk with Me, David Lynch, 1992

It was announced the other day that Lynch and Showtime were able to come to agreement on how much money they would spend on Season Three of Twin Peaks, and now the director is back on board to direct all nine or more episodes.  The pictures above and below, screen captures from Fire Walk with Me, are some favorite images from one of the two films by David that are most dear to me (the other one being DUNE.)  The Twin Peaks television series seemed to me a big improvement on Blue Velvet, from which some critics (notably Jim Hoberman) said it was derived, but the film he made after its cancellation transcended even this good work and made so much of his subsequent good work possible (especially the excellence of Mulholland Drive and Inland Empire.)  So I have great hopes that with Lynch very much in charge that this new Twin Peaks will be at least as fine as his last two features and maybe even as great as his best.

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