Thursday, July 16, 2015

Adán at another Studio under another Name

The other day I was looking to see if Adán had posted anything lately under his real name and sure enough he had put up a new Badoo page in addition to his old one.  The purpose of it was to find himself a regular girlfriend; so he still seems to view his forays into queer sex as mainly a chance for filthy lucre, which of course is his business and no complaint.  If it's the best way he can find to put himself through culinary school, then I wish him well, and I intend to enjoy the photographs and videos he makes for however long he needs to make them.  As luck would have it, the very next day I came across a bran new porn portrait of him, shot by Latinboyz; and so discovered that he's been given the new moniker of Baller.  The pictures that follow are those newly found at various porn sites, not from his personal page.  These pictures weren't made to attract girls.

These smaller frames below are presented here to be viewed as a little slide show, a kind of primitive porn flick in miniature.   It's all I can afford to offer in tribute.  Money don't grow on trees.

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