Saturday, July 11, 2015

Autonomous Photos & Stills from Pink Narcissus

James Bidgood, New York City,  1963 - 1970

I keep hoping that Jim Bidgood will produce some new photographs as he has said he intends.  I have no doubt, given his advanced age (he’s 83 years old) and great store of knowledge, that he’s more than capable of producing work as good or better than the pictures seen above.  Last year he had a campaign on IndieGogo trying to secure the funds to purchase a new camera that was estimated to cost $35,000.  He had only received $19,000 by the time this campaign closed in January; but I’m sure he could probably get some pretty good equipment even with the smaller sum.  

These last images are actually recent work.  The first one just below is shown as it appeared before undergoing the digital doctoring that supposedly improved it for presentation in Out Magazine six years ago.  I rather prefer it before the addition of the gaudy sunset.  Still, I want Mr Bidgood to have the chance to make more pictures along these lines.

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