Monday, October 19, 2015

Barnaby Rudge in New England

Mansfield & Coventry, Connecticut, September 2015

My brother, Gary, was kind enough to pose as Barnaby Rudge for this series of photographs while I took the role of Sir John Chester again.  Both of these characters are essentially bad fathers and murderous thieves, one well off despite a lack of funds, due to his title and lineage, the other desperately poor.  Rudge ends up hanging from the public gallows and Chester killed in a secret duel, his body left to rot in the woods.

In Coventry, my sister, Karen Lank played the part of Hugh's nameless Gypsy mother (Sir John's mistress and mother of his bastard, the fore mentioned Hugh.) Her eldest son, Wesley, performed the Hostler character and he also took the role of Chester, though he switched off with me in that capacity.  

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