Wednesday, October 21, 2015


created by Eiji Tsurburaya, Tokyo 1965

Over the last fifty years there have been (so far and as well as I can count) a total of twenty eight incarnations of the title character in the Ultraman series.  I cannot pretend to be able to identify one from the other at a glance as a truly fanatical fan of the series no doubt can do; but I do know that my favorite is Ultraman Taro, whose stories are said to embody the spirit of Japanese fairy tales.  The first five frames below show the original Ultraman as seen in color in the second of the Ultra series in 1966.  The sixth frame down and the next five after it are from Ultraman Taro, 1973 - 74.  The rest of the pictures are placed (as best I could) in chronological order up to the most recent incarnation.

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