Thursday, March 24, 2016

Paintings, Oil on Wood Panel, Albert York (1928-2009)

Water Mill, Long Island, New York 1960-1992

Two Women reclining in a Landscape, Woman with Dog and Moon, Three Red Tulips in Landscape with Horse and Rider, Anemones in a Tomato Can, Skeleton and Woman, Cut Zinnias, Cow with Pond, Two Sheds with Trees, Carnations in a Blue Can with Beetle, Sphinx in Flight, Lunch on the Grass

 Grey Dog and Brown Dog in Landscape, Boundary Line, Geranium with Bird, Two Indigenous Men with Snake, Wheel Barrow, Late Afternoon, Landscape with Five Trees

Albert York didn’t paint many pictures and those he did were fairly small, though I’ve certainly seen a lot smaller, but they made a pretty strong impact on the people who saw them that appreciated the art of painting.  He worked at this vocation for only about thirty years or more and was slow in the execution of it, partly because he often scraped the paint off and started again when working.  As any good painter should be, he was dissatisfied with the stuff he produced.  It’s all pretty remarkable just the same.  Though his work ended up selling for a lot of money and much of it to some obscenely rich bastards, York was what I'd call an honest amateur, far better than most of the celebrated artists of our era at the end of Time.

Moonlit Landscape with Palm, Reclining Female Nude with Cat, Edge of the Wood, Cow in Landscape, Two Carnation Blossoms in Goblet, Two Women with Cow, Tropical Landscape with Palm and Snake, Two Oriental Men in Landscape, Twin Trees, Indigenous Man on Horse and Indigenous Man standing by Water, Four Dogs, Seated Male Nude, Woman with Stork near Water, Portrait, Field with Trees, East Hampton Meadow, Landscape with Alligator

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