Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Cry of the City

Robert Siodmak 
New York City & Hollywood CA 1948

Rose Given (Hope Emerson) gives Marti Rome (Richard Conte) a Massage

After being chased around by his childhood doppelganger (Victor Mature) from the old neighborhood, the injured thief, cop killer and hero does his best to clear his innocent girlfriend of a murder committed by the Masseuse pictured above and played by the inimitable Hope Emerson.  (Siodmak gives her one of the most beautifully lit and choreographed entrances ever seen on film, and so simply done.)  The Police and a crooked Lawyer were trying to pin it on him and make his Girl, Teena Riconti (Debra Paget,) the accomplice.  He’s able to die once his last deed is accomplished, shot in the street outside their Church by his similarly injured buddy, the cop, pistol vs knife.

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