Monday, May 2, 2016

Reflections in a Golden Eye

directed by John Huston 
story by Carson McCullers 
adapted by Gladys Hill & Chapman Mortimer 
Rome & Long Island 1967

Shot in color by Aldo Tonti and Oswald Morris and printed in sepia, the film takes the title literally.  It contains one of Brando’s most nuanced and passionate performances as a repressed homosexual army officer, Major Penderton.  Robert Forster, in his first film, plays the object of his desirous gaze, a Private with an affinity for horses (one he shares with the officer’s wife, whose room he secretly invades at night in order to worship her and her possessions as she sleeps.)  Huston’s film follows the book very closely, in dialogue, tone and spirit.  Consequently, it has never been at all popular. 

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