Monday, September 5, 2016

Antonio's eightteenth birthday present for Indio

CPR (CrazyPuertoRicans) 
Latin Connection 
Ron Rico
New York City, circa 1998

The premise for this sequence, called Four Way, was that it was Indio’s eighteenth birthday, and, after admiring his playboy shirt, Antonio, an expert cocksucker, gives Indio his present.  Intercut with this seduction is a simultaneous scene between Antonio’s roommate, Viper, and another guy.  Antonio proposes they see what is going on in the other room.  He invites him to a four way.  Once there they watch Viper and his friend fuck, then Indio fucks Antonio while the other two watch.  This marked the first time Antonio enacted the role of the bottom on video.  All of his previous roles, with Latino Fan Club and All Worlds Video (at least so far released) had presented him as an aggressive top.  This was very badly shot, at times over-lit and badly framed; but Indio was my favorite performer with this outfit (Big City Video) and having Antonio Montez pair up with him, this one time, was something of a special occasion even if incompetently recorded.

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