Monday, December 19, 2016

Sonnet for Charles Stuart

Beheaded for Treason 1649
Dale Wittig
San Francisco CA
19 December 2016

He had to tuck his Hair up under his Cap
For the stout Axe Man to make a clean Cut,
As they needed his uncrowned Head to jut
Just visibly to the Crowd above the Trap.

It wasn’t what he expected, this huge Flap,
As if his Kingdom itself was stuck in a Rut,
And its only Remedy was to make him strut
Across their rude Stage to a Drum’s stark Tap.

It took the Round Heads seven great Years
To strap him to this most singular Fate,
Though not to expected popular Cheers.

The Puritan dictating this change of State
Proved even less patient of Parliament’s Gears,
And the Public Fears that would never abate.

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