Tuesday, July 12, 2011

El Ranchero De Visalia

This isn't the first time I've shown photos of this fellow, Ricardo, on this blog; but I didn't show all the ones I had saved; and since then, I developed a new reason to share them. There's this young man who buys large quantities of strawberries and other produce from my employers twice a week. He looks about twenty three, acts and dresses like a great overgrown teenager, and I imagine his body looks a great deal like this one when stripped of his sagging jeans and other obstacles to my pleasure. Despite this handsome cholo's unfathomable need to shave his pubic region, I find that Ricardo (at least for the moment) represents my current physical ideal.

These night shots are from his most recent postings on that Mexican exhibition site mentioned in several previous posts. There was something I found very moving in his need to show himself connected to the soil. I find this self identification with the dirt he works with deeply sexy.

Some men take great pride in their ability to let loose with a full steady stream of piss. When the hose employed is as magnificent as the one belonging to Ricardo, I don't mind watching (so long as he's not pissing on me.)

As in the previous post devoted to this remarkable young ranchero, he's seen here showing off his farm equipment, which looks in as good godly shape as himself.

One may have reason here to recall the old rhyme: April showers bring May Flowers; but as one can see from the yellow dates stamped on these pictures, the shower shown here came in March and the flowers arrived in April. In any case, it looks like he has a lovely home and garden awaiting some lucky young vaquera.

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