Thursday, July 14, 2011

El Rey Arturo Y Su Espada Excalibur

On the same site, which I've pillaged in times past for similar images of iconic Mexican and other Latin American men who enjoy exhibiting their bodies anonymously and pseudonymously to an adoring public, as that from which the pictures of the previous post were drawn, come these compositionally more monumental images of a young man who, for some reason unstated but to me readily apparent, identifies with the legendary English monarch who as a boy was able to pull the sword from the stone.

The following pictures show this legendary hero in an even more monumental mood. At the very least, the legendary and heroic are characteristics this youth seems to be aspiring to; and I for one hope to support him here in his noble ambitions.

Below are the most recent images this boy king has uploaded for the viewing of his people. He appears to be doing his best to display, in these images, the power of his youth and the pleasures to be found therein.

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