Sunday, August 28, 2011

The Hysterical Society

Not too surprisingly, all the hysterical warnings in (eager) anticipation of Hurricane Irene decimating the cultural and financial centers on the East Coast turned out to be just more pathetic attempts by the Corporate Media and Government to unite us in a Climate of Fear. So long as we accept the representations of our lives as presented by the various mass medias we will be the prey of their bogeymen.

Here I would like to present a series of portraits of real people I happen to know, who live their lives as best they can in opposition to the false images constructed and promoted by the dominant culture. It needs to be added, lest any one mistake what these pictures have to do with my tirade, that the individuals pictured (other the person at the top of the post, which is me) all reside on the East Coast and in the path of this fearsome Tropical Storm.

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