Friday, July 12, 2013

There once was a Sailor named Joey.....


There once was a Sailor named Joey,
whose Features would sometimes look doughy;
he would work out so hard
with the Weights in the Yard,
that the other Gobs doused him with Moët....

.... and the Faeries sprinkled Showers of Chloé!

When "Derek" was headed to Town,
trying best not to look like a Clown,
he would strap on a Jock,
so restricting his Cock,
his Liberty was turned Upside-down.

When "Gabriel" announced he was Straight,
he knew he was playing with Fate,
so he stuck out his Ass
like the sluttiest Lass,
and invited the Gay-boys to hate....

.... and dared their Masters to all masturbate.

Approaching someone he thought was a Girl,
Joey thought he would give her a Twirl;
when she sat on the Chair
and then pulled on his Hair,
she told him she'd make his Toes curl.

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