Monday, July 8, 2013

Un Otro Sueño de Marcos Pirelli

Among the several vivid Dreams I dreamt last night, there was one about this Fellow who has proved himself to be a persistent Fantasy Figure despite his professional Retirement from that Field of Endeavor several years ago.  Only last week a Childhood Friend of his left a Comment on a Video (that I made four years ago of me wanking to Marcos,) in which this fellow Costa Rican Youth told me Marcos's real Christian Name and his opinion of this Star's true Character and Abilities.

The bizarrely crooked Smile that he sports in the above Photograph is more than a bit unnerving, and I can well understand the bitter Sorrow and sudden Antipathy publicly expressed by one thwarted John to whom this arrogant Escort gave the proverbial Brush-off when unwantedly approached; but I can not so easily be cured of this spectacular Infatuation (especially as I have no intention of trying to force my Fantasies to take concrete form beneath the cruel Light of the Sun or Moon.)

Whatever Stage he may be pretending to appear on in these subsequent Pictures, it isn't likely to be one with which I was associated in my Theatrical Career; much as I would've liked to have (at least) rubbed shoulders with this muscular Performer, I was done with all that long before this bothersome Bottom bounded into the Limelight. 

As you can see just below, Marcos did occasionally take the so-called Active Role in some of his professional Encounters and accredited himself well enough performing Acts in which he was not wholly engaged; but to fully appreciate his Beauty, I believe one must witness his complete Submission (even or, perhaps, especially) to one who is truly unworthy of having him. 

Finally we come to the one Moment that I was actually in close physical proximity to this unattainable Object of Desire; it occurred when I came out of the Shop near the Corner of Castro and Market Streets, at which I regularly buy the very finely ground Coffee that I brew every morning, and nearly bumped into the pseudonymous Marcos.  Though I obviously recognized him, and he knew perfectly well that I did (as we all know such things in a flash,) I simply said excuse me and proceeded on my way down the Block to the next Corner at Eighteenth and Castro, where I next saw the young Colt with whom he can be seen coupling in the proceeding Scene.  The Images below are supposedly set in Manhattan, as that is the name of the Video in which they appear, and yet I know intuitively that this particular meeting of perfect Bodies happened here in San Francisco, even though the day I saw him, Justin Christopher (for such is the professional Name of the worthy Mexican/German Mestizo seen here sucking off and fucking this Puerto/Costa Rican Demigod) was hobbling around on Crutches.

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