Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Gilberto Cortez le gusta chupar la Verga Grande

The model who went by the name of Gil Cortez for a few years appeared in queer, bisexual and straight porn (and it happens that he looks really handsome and totally convincing in a three-way scene with two women.)  Here he’s appearing in a video that was presented as just one long continuous orgy, not really organized into separate scenes as most are, though it does focus on various couples, trios and foursomes as it progresses and lasts a couple of hours.  The fellow he’s servicing in this part of it is a much better known porn star, whose name escapes me because I never much cared for him, though his huge cock seems very much to Gil’s liking, judging by his enthusiasm in their encounter, which (his enthusiasm,) along with my admiration for Gil, is the reason I shot these pictures off the computer screen and am presenting them here now for the enjoyment of anyone who may be interested.

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