Saturday, January 3, 2015


Vick fucks Adán, very hard, by BiLatinMen

More photos and screen captures have appeared of Adán getting fucked.  This time he’s with a very tough looking gruff sounding handsome sleepy eyed macho, who has served as bottom for this same producer and cameraman on previous occasions.  I’ve noticed that both of the guys Adán has been set up with in these fuck sessions have had experience getting fucked, and have given him a serious yet expert fucking, the sort a young guy like him can actually enjoy.  Vick is very masculine in his approach to the surprisingly receptive Adán, and the boy seems appreciative of the (relatively mild) abuse.  It’s more than just “all in good fun” (one can see that the muscle bottom is getting off on the seeming insult, without wholly owning it.)  These two young guys together are pretty damned sexy.  They manage to spark something in each other.

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