Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Príncipe Alberto de Austin, Tejas

Bate-orade or Príncipe Alberto en una Camisa Roja

I’ve been meaning to post a set of photographs by (and of) this very handsome, young (27 year old,) man in Austin, Texas, for some time, and when he posted some new photos I especially enjoyed a few days ago he gave me the opportunity I was waiting for.  Taken together, these pictures were both an excellent representative of his best work and a keen representation of himself.   In any case, here he is looking very sexy wearing a Red Shirt, his Engagement Rings, a couple of studs in his earlobes, his Prince Albert and nothing else.

When one speaks or writes of some one or thing as being more than the sum of its parts, it’s to praise the way individual characteristics come together in unexpected ways.  I personally don’t like piercings, tattoos, or undue modesty regarding one’s belly and chest, and yet I find this particular guy who exhibits all of these seeming faults exceptionally attractive.  It isn’t simply a matter of him possessing other more positive qualities (such as his very beautiful and friendly face) that overwhelm the negative.  His obvious enjoyment of his body, as it is (aside from an apparent unease at not having the exquisite gym-toned torso that most of the other exhibitionists exhibit,) strikes me as the very essence of his appeal.

In his own words, Beto was feeling a bit squirrely when he made the following little video; and I, for one, am very thankful for it.

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