Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Antonio del Pollaiolo, Florence 1429 - Rome 1498

  Ercole e Anteo

Ercole e l'Idra

 Ercole e Deianira

 Davide con la testa di Golia

Antonio del Pollaiolo produced the most prized male nudes of the early Renaissance.  Either he or his brother, Piero, produced the greatest painting of Sebastiane (the one on which, I assume, Derek Jarman modeled his great filmic representation of the martyrdom.)  His representations of Hercules, both in painting and sculpture remain iconic to this day.  Few painters have shown such joy in the depiction of muscular strain.  The homoerotic component of his work was likely admired in his own day as well.


Battaglia di dieci uomini nud

 Nudi danzanti

Arresto del Battista

Pollaiolo produced major work in pretty much every medium available to visual artists of his time: drawing, engraving, bronze, tapestry design, fresco and panel painting.  He painted lovely portraits and figures of women as well, from the ladies of the courts in Florence and Rome to the mythical  Magdalene and Daphne.

Assunzione di Maria Maddalena

Ritratto di giovani dama

Apollo e Dafne

Ritratto di giovani dama

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