Saturday, December 26, 2015

Mulholland Dr, television pilot

David Lynch, Hollywood, California, 1999

I got to see the eighty eight minute pilot for Mulholland Dr many years ago when it was briefly available for viewing on Dailymotion.  From what I’ve read there are three hundred or so copies on low quality video tape out in the world, and David Lynch would prefer that they didn’t circulate; but I’m happy that I got to see it, and it certainly didn’t take away from the pleasure of watching the completed film that was constructed from its remains.  (The scene in the last part of the theatrical film where Camilla leads Diane literally up the garden path is one of the high points of film making over the last twenty years.) The images below are all from eliminated or severely altered scenes from that opened ended construct that the dim witted suits at ABC rejected.  I wish I was one of those three hundred possessors of a tape of it.


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