Saturday, July 2, 2016

Journey beneath the Desert

Edgar G Ulmer & Frank Borzage
Cinecittà Roma 1961
from the novel, L'Atlantide by Pierre Benoit
(released in US July 1967)

I think I may have seen this one at the Capitol Theater on Main Street in Willimantic CT in August 1967.  Ulmer’s penultimate movie credits him with decors, screenplay and direction, but one can see how he intended it for Borzage to direct.   Reports conflict as to whether or not Giuseppe Masini (the other director credited) was ever on set and when Borzage stopped, but it’s all fairly cohesive and often very pleasurable.  Rad Fulton makes a revolutionary object of Antinea’s adoration, Trinignant a sensitive double and Amadeo Nazzari a formidable and unfathomable Atlantean.  Haya Harareet is persuasive as the reluctant queen, a very different interpretation of the character from Maria Montez’s gleefully sadistic Antinea in Arthur Ripley & John Brahm's Siren of Atlantis.

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