Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Dibujos de Faunos y Minotauros

Pablo Ruiz y Picasso
Paris, 1933 - 1939

Even more than the paintings, I’ve always loved Picasso’s drawings, ever since Kay Ikonen gave me a book that recorded and documented all the ones he did over the course of a few years from 1966 through 1968.  It was called Picasso: his Recent Drawings, and I studied it intensely.  Following his trail of thoughts from day to day was a great example. This book taught me some things about the way an artist’s ideas develop and transform during a period of fascination and obsession with a given theme, how they might be dropped and resurface later.  Lately I’ve been looking at his drawings from the mid to late 30s concerning the related themes of two horned mythological figures with which he identified in that precarious time leading up to the second world war when aberrant creatures like myself were being rounded up and slaughtered by those in power.

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