Wednesday, June 1, 2016


Antinea, l'amante della città sepolta 
aka L’Atlantide 
aka Journey beneath the Desert 
Edgar G Ulmer & Frank Borzage 
Cinecittà 1961

Ulmer’s original role on this film was as Producer and Designer, and he was very proud to give another old filmmaker a chance to make a big film, especially as he considered Borzage a master.  Unfortunately the great director fell ill or didn’t like the film (depending on whom one believes.)  Ulmer had to take over and he re-shot most of the scenes that Borzage had already done.  It turned out to be Ulmer’s penultimate movie.  It belongs to a genre of which I was very fond in my youth: the Hollow Earth Journey.   (I watched the Mole People again recently and was sadly disappointed, it had none of the magic with which memory had imbued it, but Antinea is still entrancing.) 

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