Thursday, September 16, 2010

King Rod

One of the most prolific and entertaining gay porn models during the roaring nineties was a young man who went by the name of Rod Garetto. He's very much alive now, happily married, with grown children, living somewhere in upstate New York. I've heard various reports of what he's been up to of late. One source said he's doing auto body repair, another said he is a line cook. He started doing porn at the age of eighteen and continued into his late-thirties. The first image shows him at that tender age when he had just begun his storied career. The third one represents his coupling with the great Mike Lamas, who is some four years his junior and equally iconic, about ten years later.

Here are seven consecutive images from what I believe to be the last video for both of these remarkable performers: Latin Obsession. It seems appropriate to me that these two should leave this particular arena in tandem.

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