Sunday, September 19, 2010

The Public Persona of Antonio Montez

It is sometimes said that the person being presented needs "no introduction" and the presenter then proceeds to provide this superfluous preamble. Well, here is a very worthy young man who happens to have needed many introductions and I'm perfectly happy to give him one more. Firstly, he's unabashedly and wholeheartedly queer.

Though I know his real name and he's made no great effort to hide it, it's probably best for my present purposes if I stick to his professional name. In this case it's Antonio Montez. For a remarkably long period of time (about ten years) this young Dominican man in Astoria, Queens has been perfecting the skills of his particular trade in a series of, sadly too few, videos. I was fortunate to discover him at the beginning of his career in his very first video; the cover of which bore his striking visage. It is called Latin Thugz and it is now very hard to find.

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