Monday, September 13, 2010

Mike Lamas's Inland Empire

For too many years I found myself in thrall to the magical aura of a fictitiously named young man residing in the Inland Empire (though he hailed originally from Guadalajara, Jalisco.) I stuffed twenty dollar bills down his socks while he danced on my armrest, nearly slapping me in the face with his pendulous appendage. Now he works as a security guard in Los Angeles, though he still resides Inland.


  1. I was very happy to see the new, current photos of "Mike Lamas". I have been a fan of his and enjoyed his past work for many years. I still do. He still looks healthy.
    Thanks for posting the photos.

  2. P.S. I wonder if he has a facebook page for his fans out there.

  3. Mike Lamas was a real gay porn star, Icon and Legend of the 1990's. He always will be a star(unlike many today being nothing more than gay-for-pay performers or even lowly web-cam jack off artists), who have very little to do with the gay porn industry.
    Mike still looks deliciously sexy, and I for one would be more than happy to be his friend and Boner Buddy!

  4. Soooooo glad to have come across your information about this stand-alone fantastic man. And love his pictures. He was one of my top 3 performers back in the day. I'd love to know how to contact him and tell him thanks for how fabulous he is and was.

  5. Like most past performers, they move on with there private life and they leave their stage names behind. Some may get married and have children, so all the more reason to keep their past work a secret. I have looked for a current Yahoo Group or facebook fan page. Years ago, I did find a Yahoo Group of Mike Lamas, but was rejected from joining. They all have moved on. We need to respect their privacy. The last I heard of Rob Cryston, who Lamas had worked with, he had moved to Florida and works in real estate.
    I'm sure they do appreciate it when we buy the films they were in, but they probably would rather not talk about it anymore.

  6. I love Mike Lamas, handsome with a great personality, top or bottom like to me. I'd like to now more of him

    1. There is another post on this blog about Mike Lamas. It's dated August 4 2013 and titled "He isn't Mike Lamas in Pomona." I may also put together another entry on him soon. I share your love for him

  7. I still watch Mike Lamas on DVD. I should buy more of his videos. Watching him perform is healthy, makes me feel younger and it is my fountain of youth. They should have made "the best of Mike Lamas".