Monday, September 20, 2010

Timothy Boham as Hansel

For several hundred years, at least, the mentally ill have been shown special leniency in the more enlightened and just judicial systems. Of course ones social status usually played a part in determining whether or not one was deemed fit for trial. Within the United States now there certainly seem to be some states where the emotionally challenged poor are less likely to face a fair trial. The two most unforgiving of these states appear to be Florida and Texas, but the instance of injustice I have in mind here occurred in Colorado.

Tim Boham as Hansel is displayed for the Witch's Judgement

When he worked in the porn industry in Southern California, Timothy Boham was known as Marcus Allen. From what I've read, he never showed any signs of homophobia. His co-workers spoke highly of him, though they knew he preferred women. It's true that he liked to goof around on set and was prone to act somewhat childishly; but he was not given to anti-gay remarks, and was certainly not violent. Despite his mood swings he was not considered difficult to work with, and he definitely seemed to enjoy having sex with other guys. It's not the sort of thing that's easy to fake.

Tim as Hansel in the Witch's Iron Cage being prepped for Roasting

After he quit working as a porn model Tim moved to Denver, where he married and tried his hand at catalogue modeling. He didn't make a go of it, though, and so apparently did some escort work, ending up employed at some sleazy collection agency run by an equally sleazy (and considerably older) gay guy who regularly paid to suck Tim's (juicy young) cock.

Tim as Hansel at the Mouth of the Witch's Brick Oven

Tim foolishly believed the best way to end his financial dependency on his patron was to kill him and take the money he constantly bragged of having stored in the safe above his bed. Having done in his Collector and opened the safe, Tim found no heaps of gold and jewels, or even the forty thousand he expected, just a couple of hundred. He tried to flee the country, but turned himself in at the border in despair when he heard that he was being sought. Of course there was no leniency for him. The News Media (quite falsely) portrayed his "Victim" as a "Pillar of the Gay Community" and the "Former Porn Star" as a "Closeted Homophobe." Rather than looking at the economic underpinnings of his crime they cloaked it in high school level psychological analysis. When it came time for so-called Justice, Timothy was sentenced to life imprisonment without possibility of parole. That he was diagnosed as bi-polar meant nothing to the Prosecutors, Jurors and Judges.

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