Sunday, February 6, 2011

The Polaroid Muscle Poses of JP Cobb

JP and I used to get together once a week, over a period of a few years, to wrestle, Greco-Roman Style naked, in a small white room in his building which he converted into a Wrestling Arena for our private purposes. He covered the floor with futons which he scavenged and subsequently scrubbed.

One time, after the second or third such session, JP hauled out this fancy Land Camera and asked me to take some photos. We took photos of each other, two each. Later he had me make a much longer series of just him. These first five are from that second series.

I'm particularly fond of this final image of the series where JP shows off his hefty yet flaccid cock with an inviting smile on his friendly face.

The four photographs below are the first ones we shot of each other. We also took a bunch using my thirty five millimeter Pentax. These photo sessions took on the quality of a weekly ritual every Thursday after wrestling.

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