Monday, May 2, 2011

The Bin Laden Retirement Party

As I didn't tune in to President Obama's special message last night, I didn't find out about Osama Bin Laden's Retirement by his erstwhile employers, The Central Intelligence Agency, until early this afternoon. I have never been convinced that Mr Bin Laden had completely severed his ties to that agency, and always suspected that his organization, Al Qaeda, acted in part at the behest of those same forces that control our government. It's a funny thing about Control, though, there is always an element of Chance at play. No matter how much these folks would like to have everything under Control, Chaos raises his smiling face and pushes Control aside. For the last ten years Osama has functioned as our National Bogeyman. No doubt another is already being groomed to fill the vacancy, but (and here I'm paraphrasing a line from David Lynch's remarkably prescient and apposite Dune) will he be theirs to control?

Let me briefly note that most of the paintings or drawings shown here were painted with watercolor seven years ago and were shown at Max Fish Bar in a show called Fuck You. The first two are painted on gessoed match book covers, and those below on watercolor paper post cards.

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