Saturday, May 14, 2011

Dino El Michoacano Versatil

Dino (sometimes known as Chato) looks very much like an old friend of mine from Jalisco, but he has "Michoacan" tattooed on his back in large Gothic letters so I assume that's where he's from. His resume, on the site where his videos and photos are displayed for quick rental, says that he's married and has a few kids, and that he's bi-sexual and eventually does whatever is asked of him (within reason) for the right price. This makes him an honored provider within his home; and I in no way intend to mock him here when I say I share the respect his family must feel for him. I consider him a truly admirable man.

The guy he's shown helping out below, named Oso, is another married man with two kids. These sorts of jobs bring in the extra cash needed when there's a couple more mouths to fill, and they provide Papi with a much needed release. I've no doubt he's a much gentler lover of Mami as a result.

When I showed him in an earlier post, it was with this handsome devil, known as Compadre. He deserves a post all his own. They almost look like brothers. I hope they are.

Here he is again with two more guys, again playing el pasivo. He plays this role so well; yet he's very versatile, looking good in numerous positions and various personas. If I were his wife, I would encourage him to do more work along these lines.

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