Monday, January 6, 2014

El más Trabajador, el Chupador más Feliz

This handsome laborer, this hardest of workers, this happiest, most cheerful, of cocksuckers, given the name of Compadre (Compa for short) by the pornographer for whom he worked a few years, a few or maybe more years ago, ended up in jail for a while.  He's asked briefly about it at the beginning of one of his later videos.  He'd been in for about a year, just gotten out and needed some cash for his family.  I can't imagine how anyone so genial could deserve any form of incarceration (however short) for his actions.  (Actually, I'm sure he didn't deserve to be thrown in jail; and I'm not just being sentimental: it is precisely those that least deserve imprisonment in our society who end up there and those most deserving of severe punishment who oversee and enforce it, as well as make the Laws that prescribe this form of enslavement.)  Though his body isn't the most perfectly muscled, it's still pretty solid and very well proportioned, his face is striking in its masculine beauty and honestly kind; and his cock couldn't be better formed.  One can see well enough why he's so often shown being worshipped.

However, I've avoided using most of those photos this time out, as I wanted to show him in another aspect of his work.  Here I wanted to focus on his role as a deeply masculine Pasivo.  If I could make a film of A Midsummer Night's Dream, he is the man I would most enjoy casting as Bottom.

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