Sunday, January 12, 2014

Il Ritorno di Antonio in California

 I came across these slides that I shot off of Antonio Montez's first video, Latin Thugz, prints of which I displayed here long ago; but I wanted to try scanning directly from the slides (as opposed to sending them to yet another lab for more prints.)  I was fairly pleased with the results, though they've undergone a considerable evolution from the images shot on video all those many years ago.  I still find them some of the sexiest pictures I've ever seen (and while, of course, these matters are all very subjective, I should note that I've looked at and admired far too many of this kind.)

I had believed that Antonio had retired from professional pornography after he got his nursing degree and settled down with his boyfriend in Queens.  For about five years or so he had a page on Xtube under the title of Gloryhole in Queens.  There he presented very fine short videos, of his own making, of him sucking off various very well endowed friends and acquaintances.  Some of these can still be found around the internet, if one looks hard enough.  Sadly, he deleted his profile and videos a couple of years ago.  I figured his boyfriend might have objected to his resurgent popularity and notoriety in this guise.  I don't pretend to know either one, Antonio or his Partner: I was only guessing.



Now, though, I see that he's gotten himself back into shape.  He looks like he's definitely been hitting the gym a lot lately.  That handsome body of his has regained some of its old tone.... 


....and he's made his return to professional pornographic modeling, and it seems he's doing it here in California, in the city where I live; and while the first few efforts were none too inspiring (through no fault of his, mind you,) his skills are in no way diminished, and the most recent one I saw was downright intense.  I don't want to make too much of it.  Maybe he just needed some extra cash or wanted to see if he still had the necessary goods (which he does,) but I felt the need to applaud his once more being paired with co-stars worthy of his beauty and all around excellence.

This particular young fellow, a seemingly green Latino string bean to whom the producers have affixed the name of Dallas Long, looks paradoxically both genuinely rough and tender, which I find extremely compelling in the quasi-dramatic situation these two are given to enact.  (He makes the most appropriate Telemaco to be paired with Antonio's Ulisse.)  It's a very good scene.  What is more to the point: it's a true return to form for this still very handsome Dominican guy who sometimes calls himself Antonio Montez.


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