Saturday, January 11, 2014

Fictitious Business Name: Marcel Cruz

This fictitiously named piece of Business, Marcel Cruz, first came to my attention when I spotted him in a Video Advertisement for expensive Underwear specifically aimed at Gay Guys. The premise for this display of Bodies and Briefs is a Life Drawing Class that quickly devolves into a Paint Orgy.  Despite the unlikelihood of this bunch of dumb Gym Bunnies having the patience or skill for such an Endeavor, I found myself repeatedly drawn into watching it on the strength of Marcel's peculiar Beauty.

It was soon after this introduction to his striking Countenance that I discovered he was already widely known as an Internet Porn Performer and Go-go Boy.  (In fact he seems to be DJ PanXho's current Latin Stripper of choice, if his Twitter page is anything to judge by.)

As I learned more about this pseudonymous Creature, and collected more graven Images of him in all his golden Glory, I seemed to recollect a Profile that at one time existed on a Gay dating and exhibitionism Site, which tended to contradict his repeated assertion that he was a straight Guy just doing all this for the Cash; but as I had neglected to save any pictures from it before it was wisely deleted or magically disappeared, I have no way of being certain that it was this same young Deity revealing Himself. 

Though the initial images that emerged from the Porn Site to which he contracted his Body and Soul were nearly unrecognizable as Him, enough of his Beauty shone through to make them worth saving.  The subsequent ones were better, though the choice of Partners (supposedly of his choosing) were somewhat disappointing, and an interesting pattern began to come through.  As any smart Hustler might tell you: one must continually offer the imminent possibility of that which one may only finally grant as the ultimate Act.  I really wanted to see this guy get fucked in the ass, and that, of course, was the possibility that was always teasingly suggested might happen somewhere down the road just over the next hill.   So I followed his progress until the possibility of fulfillment seemed more and more unlikely, and now I've finally given up, gone ahead, and put up a bunch of these sordid pictures, of which I'm a little bit ashamed of having invested so much time and effort in collecting, editing, and sorting.  Not that they're bad pictures, mind you, but they're not what I would have liked to be showing now.



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