Thursday, June 18, 2015

Beauty amid the Rubble

Medium Format Color Photographs
Jack Smith, New York 1955 - 1960

Some of the photographs above have already appeared here on earlier occasions but in lesser forms.  These are the best prints available at the moment, so they are worth a repeat showing and viewing.  The ones directly above may be the earliest as they were shot in the rubble where Lincoln Center now stands. (It's the same place where Jack's first completed film, Scotch Tape, was shot with same crew.)  Reese Haire, Ken Jacobs, and Jerry Sims can be recognized among the broken cement blocks and lengths of twisted rebar.  Jack appears as his own model in the second picture down holding a golden ball while a friend is visibly reflected in the mirror wielding the twin-lens reflex camera.  My Book House through Fairy Halls by Olive Beaupre Miller makes a reappearance some ten years later in No President in the hands of Wendell Willkie’s nurse, but here in a few of the pictures below it's used by a clownish mother or nanny to lull Mario Montez and his sister in drag to sleep. 

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