Sunday, June 7, 2015

Más del Leon

(Javier Escobedo de Leon)

Leon has shown more of himself of late in an even more artful way than before, and has revealed a name that may actually be one given him by his parents.  There is one item, though, that is not recent, which I want to place before the other images, a video of Leon masturbating, shot from a very low angle.  Unlike his new self portraits, his scalp and beard are shown shaved and he is wearing his favorite kangol tweed cap, a pair of black adidas running shoes, a very tight cock ring and nothing else:

Below can be seen some of his recent pictures where he shows off his considerable physical strength and agility, as well as his current fascination with his body and facial hair and his apparent self identification as a bear or un oso (which I find especially attractive.)

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