Thursday, June 4, 2015

Matinée d'ivresse

Self Portraits featuring Burmese Children’s Masks and Weapons

Using many of the same props and masks (along with a few others I picked up or was given) that I employed in my Burmese Barnaby Rudge Pantomime series, I wanted to try making some medium format photographs along the lines of the digital pictures I made in Yangon as studies for it (though more formally composed with a translucent backdrop whose colors and material properties echoed those of the cheap plastic masks.)  The characters are drawn from both traditional and popular culture, the so called high and low, among them: Sun Wukong, the Wolf from Little Red Cap, Mr Peabody, and Arthur Rimbaud as an Arms Merchant.

Below are some of the digital photos I shot in preparation for the Pantomime series.

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