Thursday, June 25, 2015

Una Otra Vez del Gato Moreno, Eduardo Lujan

One of the most handsome of professional escorts to advertize his services over the internet gave his public some new photographs to admire lately.  As usual with such images, I've removed the logos, not to claim them as mine but to remove them from the field of advertisement and set them down in the no less impure yet fertile pasture of entertainment.

I haven't had the opportunity to see the new video he made with Mecos Films, but the stills and selected frames that have appeared online have been provocative.  I've never been any sort of fan of fist fucking, but I trust that Eduardo knows what he's about and won't overdo this sort of violent abuse of his rectum and shapely culo.  I do like seeing him play the submissive and I like the guy (here called Johann, of whom I took notice several years ago when his amateur photographs began appearing on various and truly amateur blogs and Tumblr sites) who is shown doing it to (or with) him.  Here's hoping this video, which has been released under the rather brutal title of Mexican Cum Whores by Treasure Island Media rather than the simple and appropriate title of Mecos II (as was originally announced,) will appear for free on some pirate video channel.

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