Sunday, March 11, 2012

A Contemporary Looney Tunes Character

I suspect that my obsession with Mexican men may stem in part from my early admiration for the cartoon character Speedy Gonzales. There was something deeply attractive (even sexy) for an impressionable child (of a particular bent) about this anthropomorphised mouse, a far cry from the mundane Mickey. Clearly, someone else had similar feelings early on, or they would not have given this beautiful young Mexican the nom de porn of Speedy. I have found myself attracted to this somewhat goofy looking young obrero for several years and have dedicated a little folder on my hard drive to his images. He deserves so much more, of course. What brings to mind an animated cartoon character is that infectious grin he regularly sports, which is a sign of his obvious and almost constant amusement at his own antics: an enjoyment I can not help but share.

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