Thursday, March 22, 2012

The New Year's Eve Ice Storm

For New Year's Eve this year I went to visit Friends in Maine, the Dennisons. We were all supposed to go together to a large Party in Glover, Vermont, at the house of Clare Dolan, but there was a severe Ice Storm and we decided it was best to remain in Farmington and forgo the grand Festivities. We told ourselves that there would be the next Year or the Year after to go to Clare's, as this big Party had already become something of a Tradition. So we stayed at Becky's place and there occurred some unpleasant Confrontations between several Members of the Dennison Clan; but the Rifts were patched up soon enough, and it was a memorable Evening and Night, and in the End even joyful. The High Point was a long Walk through the Mist at Evening, with Additions to the Group, both Human and Canine, appearing mysteriously out of the Fog, with the Dogs rushing forcefully through crusted Fields. Unfortunately a few Nights later Clare's House in Glover burned to the Ground as the Result of a Chimney Fire. Though she called the Fire Department soon enough to give them ample Time to extinguish the Blaze, they were unable to do so with frozen Hoses.

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