Saturday, December 21, 2013

Bruce Bellas, no longer in Nebraska


Once Bruce left Nebraska far behind and for good, it seems to me that he was able to construct a coherent fantasy Realm where the young Men with perfect Bodies, whom he worshipped, were able to enact his playful Scenarios and act as Projections of the Self he would have preferred to embody.  Judging by his name and the few images of him that he left behind, I assume that as a Queer of Latino or Hispanic Ancestry he found Los Angeles was an Environment better suited to his needs for Community than Alliance, Nebraska, and so took it as an essential part of the Name by which he would be remembered.  As the Dream Factory for the rest of the Country, if not the World, Los Angeles was the perfect place for one of his Ability and Sensibility to set a new standard of photographic excellence in Homoerotic Kitsch and Physique Culture Camp.  This was much more than Child's Play, this was serious Business.  It was more than his teaching of high school Students, this was Chemistry.

As promised, these are those Photographs of Joe Dallesandro that were made fairly late in Bruce's career and fairly early in Joe's.  The versions I've so far found of the Prints from this Series are not of the highest quality, but I feel that Joe's particular and peculiar Beauty in them more than makes up for their inferior Resolution.


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