Saturday, December 7, 2013

Rediscovering Gerald Oglesby


Of all the young Men who posed for Bob Mizer  and his Physique Pictorial, of all the storied Members of the Athletic Model Guild, there was none quite so perfectly handsome as Gerald Douglas Oglesby.  I find it strange that so many Historians treat his present whereabouts as some sort of impenetrable Mystery.  He is there to be found if one cares to look. Perhaps these Admirers are merely being discrete, or they may be embarrassed by the real Man to be found behind the idealized Photographs, and by the various Crimes of which he's been accused over the many years between his underground Fame and his present Obscurity and Ignominy.  As far as I've dared to delve, I've found that Gerald is very much alive and living in Los Angeles and that he is nearly as handsome now as he was in his glorious and frightening Youth.  Given the time and the chance, I have some small hope of persuading him to pose for me on my next visit to Los Angeles.  I just need to find a Costume worthy of his infernal Beauty: say, a finely woven black Cutaway Jacket with faded red Lapels and well worn riding Breeches that lace up on the Calves.  I would of course prefer him bare footed in a few of the Shots, and bare chested to boot.




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  1. I love your blog! I love this post in honor of Gerald Oglesby especially. He is a beautiful man by conventional standards. For me the pensive and at times, almost tearful look in his magnificent eyes makes him so very human and beautiful in a special way. Not many models today can do what he has done.