Friday, December 13, 2013

Some Old Self Potrait Photos, mostly Naked



I hope that I don't exhibit some undue enthusiasm for my own body.  I understand well enough that it was never the most perfect of models, but I've liked it enough over the years that I never felt any great shame in showing myself naked, and not only in private spaces.  I've loved some bodies that were very similar to mine, and quite a few others (too many perhaps) that were far different; so I don't think I'm too guilty of narcissism (though I've found myself enamored of more than one youth, far younger than myself, who seemed to be the very son of the river god, Cephissus, and the nymph, Liriope, personified.)  Even now, as I find myself much fatter than I would be, and constantly look for ways to remedy the onset of unwanted girth, I'm not entirely adverse to enjoying my reflection when it happens to catch my eye from a puddle I'm hurriedly jumping over or walking by.

The powder you see below, applied as a kind of poultice to relieve the inflammation and pain of several severe pimples on my cheek and within my nostrils, is an old Burmese medicine that Ne Oo insisted was the cure for those ills.  I rather like the way it looked and couldn't resist taking these pictures, just as I couldn't resist the eating of the very dark chocolate that caused them.

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  1. I enjoy reading your blog, it's different from the typical sexy blogs. I like your nude self portraits, I think you look handsome in those. Thank you for being brave and sharing them with your readers.