Monday, December 23, 2013

The (sometimes disguised) Spirit of Saturnalia


Thanks in large part to the Hypocrisy of the right wing News Media and the Evangelical Christians in this Country, and the popular Refutations of their various Lies regarding the Origins of this so-called Christian Holiday that is upon us and the History of its Celebration, many People are fortunately becoming more aware of the greatest of the Classical Roman Holidays, Saturnalia, and the importance within it of the suspension of customary Laws of Propriety and the general Order of Society.  There were Reasons aplenty for the Puritans wanting to ban Christmas and its attendant Festivities; primarily because they rightly recognized within it the Spirit of License that survived from its Pagan Origins.  It is this Spirit that we should now savor.

One of the most interesting and troubling aspects of this festive Tradition is the reversal of Social Order that takes place (or should,) as it points to the essential Changes that need to take place regarding this Structure, and yet can only be acknowledged by a merely palliative Act.  The Servant is made King for the Day, no more.

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