Wednesday, January 6, 2016


Robert Altman, Lough Bray, County Wicklow, Ireland, 1972, photographed by Vilmos Zsigmond (June 1930 - January 2016)

(The other day, when I read that Vilmos Zsigmond had died, I remembered that he had made three films with Altman and I remembered all three, but when I checked a list of his credits I didn’t find Images on the list as I expected and allowed myself to believe that I was mistaken and so originally wrote of his two collaborations with the great director and posted it with that error (which unfortunately someone has reposted with error intact.)  I then found another list that confirmed my original belief and I corrected the error in the post.  I felt that my mind was playing tricks on itself, which is all too appropriate given the subject of this perplexing film.)

Images does not have a strong reputation among Altman’s many films and when I first saw it I was happily surprised at how much better it was than I was led to expect.  Still, I’ve only watched it once and that viewing was at least twenty years ago; so I don’t have that strong a recollection of the details of the story.  I do look forward to seeing it again soon, though.  In this story, which Altman wrote, a writer, of children’s stories, loses her mind in the beautiful Irish countryside and possibly kills a few men, one of whom is her husband.

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